Students are required to commit to approximately 300 hours of study and clinical practice beyond the 700-hour foundation training run by Stillness Trainings or other accredited BCST training schools.

Only practitioners who have the initial BCST diploma from an accredited school are eligible to apply to study with Stillness Trainings for an Advanced Diploma.

For graduates of other training, we will support applicants to achieve an Advanced Diploma through extra training as negotiated with us, the Training Providers.




 Advanced Diploma Criteria:

Completion of a minimum of 30 credits of attendance of eligible continuing professional development courses at any accredited Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy training school, with a minimum of five postgraduate seminars/workshops with Stillness Trainings. Each day of attendance counts as one credit.

Study will include an in-depth self-reflective report of your experience of each postgraduate training:

•    What interested or inspired you the most.
•    How the course enhanced your practice and experiences.
•    Three clinical reports from each seminar, where your learning of the particular topic(s) was present, available, sufficiently embodied, to support your client, and any known outcome(s). In the unlikely event that you have no follow-on clinical experience of the seminar topic, then you can work this in as a 'practice session' or alternatively write up three practice sessions you experienced as 'practitioner' from the seminar.

In addition, ONE of the following three requirements must also be completed:

•   A minimum 10,000-word thesis or publication on some aspect of biodynamic craniosacral practice. The thesis or publication will offer a clear outline of content, aims, and objectives and submitted in advance for pre-approval. The subsequent review required of this completed publication will attract a fee of $250. Further fees may be applied should re-submission be required.

•  A supervised research project on some aspect of biodynamic craniosacral practice. A clear outline of the content, aims and objectives of such a research project must be submitted for pre-approval. Also, the research project must be completed under the supervision and guidance of an accredited educational establishment or equivalent, for which there will be a fee to be negotiated with the supervisor.

•  Assisting on a full foundation training organised by Stillness Trainings.

Upon successful completion, Stillness Trainings will issue you with an Advanced Diploma.


FEES: to be paid directly to Stillness Trainings via Direct Debit to either the Australian or New Zealand account as arranged with your supervising Tutor.