Tutors: Terry Collinson BCST, RCST, SRP, APAM and Evonne Bennell RCST, AKA, ATMS

The second of our series considers the primitive reflexes and their role in assisting baby to adapt to gravity, muscle tone and muscle organisation guiding the infant through the three-dimensional developmental platforms from the floor, rolling crawling and finally walking; social and emotional development.


Practical applications

Participants will gain an understanding of the role of primitive reflexes in physical and emotional development.  Students will be able to identify underlying retained primitive reflexes through observational skills, client history; awareness through field-of-attention and somatic processes. We shall explore developmental movement as a support for ongoing integration and supporting efficient whole brain and body organisation.


As the baby prepares to birth and begin to adapt to his new environment, you will be supported to deepen your experience and understanding of the Primitive Reflexes and their role in the birthing process, in the adaptation to gravity; the development of muscle tone and muscular organisation.

We will explore:

   Limb development and movement.

   Igniting the automatic movement patterns.

   Experience of the primitive reflexes.

   How retained reflexes turn up in clients, both adult and child.

   Working with clients with retained primitive reflexes.


Time 9 am - 5.30 pm each day

Full fee: $400. PACT and Early Bird Fee, $350 (paid in full three weeks before the first workshop) for both Part 1 & 2, paid together:  $700 (PACT fee $675)

Course notes, light vegetarian and gluten-free refreshments provided and lunch (at certain venues).