The Vision We aim to support students in a journey of self-discovery, learning and development and to enable students of the practitioner training to graduate as safe, resourced professionals who are confident of continuing on their path.
The Mission With quality resourced teaching, we co-create an integration of an individual's learning style and course material to support the embodiment of the Biodynamic and Resonance Principles.
Values Integrity, Love and Respect.
Quality, Boundaries and Honouring.
Family, Responsibility, Cooperation and Community.

Why train with Stillness Trainings?


Stillness Trainings offers you a unique training, whether it is through Introductory and Open workshops, Womb Surround Birth Process workshops, Professional Practitioner training or Postgraduate and other related trainings.

The foundation course ~ "Presence and Being" ~ offers you skills in the support of many aspects of your health as well as healthy relationship skills, which underpin all aspects of life.

You may be drawn to undertake the ~ Professional Practitioner Training ~ which over the two years offers you a deepening into your own process with potential resolution of unhelpful patterns that may be creating limitations on your life. This natural process of change and transformation also enhances what is possible for your clients and for your other relationships - there naturally occurs a modelling of the potential for change.

Knowledge is important and we ensure our courses meet that need from the latest research and development, then deepening into Stillness, Being, Presence and the embodiment of those sweet skills that are key to healing every aspect of our existence, for example we train students in the use of dialogue skills to support the resolution of shock and trauma.

You will learn all of the classic and relevant aspects of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) however, more than that, we offer you something that many now perceive as the way forward in therapy, in health and in life. This 'something' is a unique aspect, which we describe as 'AND' - Absolutely No Doing - where we trust the "Breath of Life", trust the Intelligence of the system, trust the process and "Trust The Tide". Our practice is wholly respectful of the wisdom of the body and therefore is without suggestion, amplification of subtle motions, intention or application of techniques desired by the practitioner to "help".

'AND' is an approach to therapy that comes from the heart. It is about learning to let go of trying or making it happen, becoming so clear of who you are that what potently develops is not only a 'safe' space in which to be with someone but there is also an ability to "Be" in humility, stillness, respect, presence, non-judgment and love.

This way of being grows from within as the many layers of learning and discovery bring you to a place of embodied presence and heart-centered present moment awareness, which can become a way that you may choose to be in life, a way that invites health.

Stillness Trainings invites you to participate in a training that opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the healing arts and one that so many students, practitioners and clients alike, eagerly embrace.

As a graduate of Craniosacral Therapy, whether "biodynamic" or other foundation, we invite you to enrol in one or more of our postgraduate trainings, some of which are open to non-graduates. These courses and workshops offer you much support not only in your development as practitioner and CPE points, but also on your personal journey.


What is the history and intention of Stillness Trainings?

We - Terry Collinson, Brendan Pittwood (Tutors) and Evonne Bennell (Administration) established Stillness Trainings in 2006.

Terry's background is Physiotherapy and during her time working with Judy Reeman in Launceston, Tasmania she was introduced to Craniosacral Therapy techniques that proved effective with some long-term patients. Inspired by the potential for this work, and having discovered how the body heals through her training in Rei-ki with Barbara McGregor she returned to the UK in 1995 and began her Craniosacral Therapy training with Franklyn Sills in London and at the Karuna Institute in Devon.

Having returned to Australia and established a busy craniosacral therapy practice that was rapidly becoming 'biodynamic' in nature, Terry was invited to train to teach in New Zealand and later Australia with Paul Vick and his UK team of teachers under his school, now called Resonance Trainings.

Any fears of a returning to the more mechanical approaches that she had learned during her training were allayed with Paul's sublime teaching and approach, reflecting his own and Franklyn's growing movement towards biodynamics and away from mechanics and protocol-oriented therapy.

Paul Vick trained to teach with Franklyn Sills in the early 1990s in the UK, and taught with Franklyn for many years in London and at the Karuna Institute in Devon. They established the Craniosacral Therapy Education Trust (CTET) with Paul as the principal teacher and course director. Following the call to take the training overseas, Paul began his own school in the late 1990s.

Paul was invited to head the first Australasian practitioner training that completed in New Zealand in 2000, at which time also saw the birth of the Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapists. The practitioner training included four enthusiastic craniosacral therapy tutors from the UK, and three of these tutors assisted Paul in the second training in New Zealand and first Australian training, completing in 2003. They included Sheila Kean, Ged Sumner, who taught with CTET, and Colin Perrow, who was a course director at the Karuna Institute.

Paul's intention for the teaching was to train tutors to continue his work "down under" and for both he and the team to continue to support graduates with a comprehensive postgraduate programme. He continued to further the development and teaching of BCST with the Resonance principle in such a way that Cranial Osteopaths have commented that his teachings offer an exciting new depth of approach to the work.

Brendan Pittwood is one of Paul Vick’s New Zealand graduates from that first training.  He began work as a mechanical engineer, followed by Osteopathy training (although he did not practice as an Osteopath), and remedial bodywork.  Having been completely inspired by the therapeutic potential of the Biodynamic work,  Brendan soon began to train to teach Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Paul Vick in New Zealand and Australia, subsequently training with Ray Castellino in Pre and Peri-Natal psychology.

After many years of training with Paul Vick, Terry and Brendan are committed to teaching with the resonance principle as an inherent part of the training.  We offer Introductory and Open, Diploma level and Postgraduate training in the biodynamic and resonance approach to craniosacral therapy and associated training.  All workshops and courses are based on biodynamic and resonance principles, and also on development from Terry’s training in Reiki and metaphysical causation of disease, and Brendan’s Pre and Peri-natal psychology training. Both Terry and Brendan recognise the value of and are committed to, the effective use of dialogue in therapeutic practice and teaching and they reflect the practice of ‘Nonviolent Communication’ within the learning environment.

As is the nature of the work itself, our training continues to develop. We offer a new ever-unfolding curriculum, enfolding the old with the new and just like the unfolding nature of the teaching, the many discoveries by tutors, students and patients ensure that our adventure into the unknown continues.  There seems to be no end point.

As you come to understand the biodynamic resonance principles, you might also find a resonance with the many aspects of Being, which are reflected in our logo — this "calligraphic mark". The logo also bears a mirrored similarity to the treble clef, representing a resonance with our own frequencies of space and vibration.

Our perspective within biodynamic resonance in craniosacral therapy is to take the second Osteopathic principle as close to an absolute as possible. This principle is that the body has the inherent capacity to heal itself. Therefore part of our journey is to discover the ways we can relate to, and trust that principle.

We honour and cherish the history and development of this work by our teachers and practitioners, past and present and, just like the teaching, the discoveries are ever unfolding. There appears to be no end point.

We aim to offer training of a high standard that brings the essence of the biodynamic and resonant approach into a biodynamic craniosacral therapy training whose foundation has grown out of our own extensive study, experience, training and practice. The courses offered also come from a foundation of the research and teachings of many great thinkers, writers and researchers as well as teachers in the cranial field. Most notable of these are Dr Andrew Taylor Still, Dr William Garner Sutherland, Dr Rollin Becker, Dr John Upledger, Dr Peter Levine, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Michel Odent, Dr Erich Blechschmidt, Richard Grossinger PhD, Marshall B. Rosenberg PhD, and our teachers Franklyn Sills, Paul Vick, Ray Castellino, and Barbara McGregor.

stillness Training

We sincerely acknowledge our teachers who have brought us to this place of inspired learning and teaching, and also to our way of education, which comes from the heart and from a place of integrity and respect for ourselves and our students, who will join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery, exploration and becoming.

As you come to understand the biodynamic resonance principles, you might also find a resonance with the many aspects of Being, which are reflected in our logo - this "calligraphic mark". The logo also bears a mirrored similarity to the treble clef, representing a resonance with our own frequencies of space and vibration.

The Stillness Trainings logo developed by chance, if there is such a thing!

In early 2006 Terry met Graeme Davey, who at that time was an artist and designer, amongst so many other attributes. Inspired by his first experience of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Graeme created our logo, including some of the words below:

The feeling of Stillness is honoured with ancient origin
creating a timelessness.
This is nothing new.
This is where we come from
and where we choose to go.
The centre of Stillness.

The calligraphic mark speaks of 'real origin'
sits solid and turns within,
rising and falling,
coming and going in an infinite flow.
Expressing within it the Three Tidal rhythms
arising out of the Breath of Life
whilst sitting Grounded and Present.
A balance of the male and the female.
The essence of wisdom.
A centre of Stillness and creation within.
Creation from the Breath of Life.

- Terry L Collinson © TLC