Tutor: Brendan Pittwood RCST, RBT, PTB

A 3-Day postgraduate seminar for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapists exploring the language, communication and pathophysiology of the viscera and their systems.

The seminar will include:

  • Embryologic development of the systems, emotions and trauma and the potential for healing.
  • Consideration of the internalised impact of our family of origin, the genetic and epigenetic history and how this influences the internal environment.
  • Deepening relationship through language, observations and touch to the organs and their systems.
  • Motion and functional dynamics - making sense of what the viscera are trying to achieve by doing what they're doing.
  • Developing a conversation between the Viscera, their systems and consciousness using words, metaphors and exquisite cranial contact.

A dynamic Postgraduate seminar that offers professional and personal development. Secure your place on this intuitive, emotionally intelligent course.

Fee: 2018 Price $450 for PACT Members ($500 non-PACT) A deposit of $100.00 secures your place.