Tutor: Brendan Pittwood RCST, RBT, PTB

This Postgraduate Seminar is offered in two parts over two 3-day workshops.

 We invite you to come to these two groundbreaking seminars that we have developed in resonance with the ever-unfolding nature of our work. We are answering the call for more by offering much new material in a different type of training in this field of the work we do, with relevance for today’s practitioner and effective support and healing for today’s child and the family.

Practitioners do want to make a difference in the lives and health of their patients; therefore in these two seminars, we offer you new concepts and tools to inspire you as well as to help to make that possible.
We aim to support practical skills and a deep understanding of the delicate work with mothers, fathers, babies, children, parents and the family.
Parents in Touch Part 1

There is a strong attachment-related focus as this informs how we relate to others.

We will look at attachment styles, and the particular narrative that accompanies them, and how these styles are represented in the central nervous system.  

We will work with and develop ways in how we might interact with these attachment styles in a therapeutic context.

Full Fee: for each 3-day workshop $500

Early Bird Fee (paid three weeks in advance of the workshop) and PACT Members Fee $450
Parents in Touch Part 2

The practical and theoretical content in Part 1 is expanded and further developed in Part 2.

Brendan will also share how to present and facilitate an effective yet simple 6-hour workshop on the topic of ‘Parents in Touch’. We believe, through your facilitation of this 6-hour workshop, that our communities, families and health will be supported in even better ways.

Intertwined throughout the two four-day workshops will be practical development of relevant information about conception, embryogenesis, pregnancy, birthing, attachment dynamics, physiology and psychological aspects.

There will be a balance of research, theory, practical exploration and the harvesting of experience.

We will look at energetic dynamics in the family setting, and how we can, with compassion, understanding and intelligence, impact the primary relationship first (i.e., child and primary caregiver) and after that our communities.

The 6-hour workshop
This workshop is designed to help you support your patients/clients in a light-hearted way that enables them to take a look at themselves in the moment, and for expectant parents to make sense of their imprinting and attachment history.

The new one coming into the world can then ideally do so unencumbered, without having to navigate “his” parent’s experience, of which he is yet to make sense.

In this practical presentation, we will explore aspects of love-based parenting, with some tools with which to support parents and caregivers with their children from infancy to adulthood.

Through our biodynamic resonance approach and with these tools we will discover ways help parents or caregivers relate to the physical and emotional challenges that children of all ages encounter, thus empowering the child to manage his hurts in better ways.
The expectant father can be shown some great ways to support his partner and her comfort throughout her pregnancy.

Some things we’ll cover:

•    Orientation and mindfulness. Attitudes and perspective.

o    Including simple processes of discovery to turn on parents’ inner awareness, enabling them to be more connected and aware of their child’s experience.

•    Deepening relationship, so they can track how their children are doing and help them to pace themselves.

•    Types of touch or contact that helps make sense of difficulty.

o    A hands-on way of helping children manage their physical and emotional hurts.
o    Appropriate places and ways of negotiating contacts that are most useful.

•    Love-based Parenting

o    Understanding the stress model of behaviour and its development.

o    Love-based - Vs - Fear-based strategies.

o    Developmental process and what particularly important aspects of relationship children need, and when.

Full Fee: for each 3-day workshop $500
Early Bird Fee (paid three weeks in advance of the workshop) and PACT Members Fee $450