This is a one-day Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy workshop open to BCST Graduates and students who have attended at least two days of training in BCST.


"Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth"

- Margaret Atwood


This workshop offers participants a doorway into identifying the energetic dynamics of coming into relationship with oneself and with others as well as the patterns of behaviour from our birth story that we may have carried into adulthood. We will explore physiological and observer tracking, and we may directly benefit from the body's drive for balance through neurological repatterning.

The First Touch exercise amplifies the settling and making contact process in a way that informs you much about yourself as 'practitioner' and receiver.

We will explore aspects of neurosequential development, core potency, and in particular how your early history, from womb to early childhood, may have affected your attachment pattern.

First Touch experienced in this workshop (and potentially every BCST session that you experience as practitioner or patient/client) will begin or continue the process of supporting the development of a new and healthy attachment style.

The Creative Opposition exercise follows on beautifully from First Touch. It is deeply connected with your personal birth journey and can be remarkably informative as well as healing.

Creative Opposition offers you a dynamic, physical way to recognise the patterns of behaviour that turn up in life, which may be holding you back from success in some of the things that you do, or things that you aim to achieve.


Full fee: Full Fee $199.75

Early Bird Fee (paid in full three weeks before the workshop) and PACT Members Fee $175