Tutor: Evonne Bennell RCST, AKA, ATMS

This is a one-day workshop open to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy graduates, bodywork practitioners and students who have attended at least two days of training in BCST.

It includes a day of interaction, information, and possible solutions for a wide variety of conditions, which we may not realise have their foundation in our earliest development and postnatal life.

"How the Brain Works .... the cell's operations are primarily molded by its interaction with the environment, not by its genetic code."

- Bruce Lipton

From a foundation of many years of specialisation, teaching and experience in developmental disorganisation, Evonne offers you this workshop to answer personal, professional or client-based questions, where an issue may remain unresolved or appears to be outside of your area of knowledge or expertise, or possibly where there is no resolution or amelioration of symptoms.

You will have the opportunity to learn of the possible early foundation of the issue, as well as experience the before-and-after effects of neurodevelopmental exercises.


Full fee: $199.75

Early Bird Fee (paid in full three weeks before the workshop) and PACT Members Fee $175