Tutors: Terry Collinson BCST, RCST, SRP, APAM and Evonne Bennell RCST, AKA, ATMS

The first in our series speaks to the parallels between embryological development and ignition, and the emergence of the primitive reflex movement patterns – when they develop and their purpose.

The baby’s early experience of these movement patterns in his vibrant and juicy womb world, healthy and potent, allow him to fulfil his three-dimensional expression in preparation for birth.

We will visit womb world embryology from ignition to pre-birth and then on to birth itself.

The workshop will be experiential and informative and relate to the emergence of primitive reflexes, and the movement patterns in preparation for the birth process, and the adaptation to life in gravity.
Practical application: as the primitive reflexes turn up in clients you will have the opportunity to follow their emergence and tap into their potential through practical exercises and exploration.  You may recognise and be with those aspects as they turn up in your clients and yourself.

Time 9 am - 5.30 pm day 1 and 9 am – 4 pm day 2.

Full fee: $400. Early Bird (paid in full three weeks before the workshop) and PACT Fee $350
Fee for both Part 1 & 2 paid together:  $685.