PRESENCE AND BEING - An Introductory Workshop Including the Essentials of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Explore the potentials of a biodynamic and resonant approach to health and healing in your life and the lives of others through this unique two-day workshop
Experience the profound effects  - Sense and Discover:
  •  Biodynamics and Resonance
  •  The Breath of Life and the Tide
  • The Energetics of Relationship
  • Expanding your Sensorium
  • Fluid and Tissue Motion
  • Heart-Centred Present Moment Awareness
  • Stillness
  • The Inner Healer
Who can apply?

The workshop emphasis is on practical experience and is open to ALL interested in learning about this subtle, profound, transformational approach to life. The workshop also provides an excellent opportunity for you to deepen your understanding and experience of subtle energy, and to further develop skills, including subtle skills of touch that offer neutrality and safety in relationship.
This workshop is open to everyone even if you have no experience as a practitioner.  However, if you are a practitioner, it offers an excellent postgraduate development opportunity to deepen and develop your skills.

There are no pre-requisites. Prior knowledge of anatomy, physiology, embryology, pathology or bodywork is not required.  We provide all the information you need during the course.

We offer you the opportunity to gain an experiential understanding of yourself and how the body self-organises, self-balances and self-heals and how a biodynamic resonant way of being can support you and others.
Many participants have found the workshop has offered them an opportunity to experience and understand parts of their own process as well as personal healing and clarity in their life’s journey.

“Truly a blessing to meet and be supported by so many beautiful people! Thank you for facilitating the space in which I felt honoured for just being me; for guiding me gently into a deeper understanding of CST, myself and ‘Being, in Relationship’. Already I feel the space to relate with myself and others transform and widen/expand.  For me CST resonates like nothing has before.”                                              D. K. Yoga practitioner
You will learn:
  • How to be in relationship with yourself and others in a way that can support and heal the “suffering” by awakening, as Eckhart Tolle describes.
  • Biodynamic skills — how to develop a particular way of being and non-doing that is key to health and healing.
  • How to create safety in relationship, including experience of effective and reflective dialogue.
  • What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and the Resonance principle through its history and development.
  • Yourself, through body and breath awareness exercises and Mindful meditations.
  • Awareness of the energetics of relationship to yourself, to others and to the environment.
  • Ways of developing inner stillness and its relationship to health.
Workshop tutors are Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy practitioners with many years of experience and have been teaching Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy extensively in Australia and New Zealand.
Although the course is self-contained, this workshop is a pre-requisite, as well as an ideal preparation, for those wishing to apply for the professional practitioner training.
Through this workshop, you the opportunity to deepen into a whole sense of yourself.  Mindful meditations and sensorium exploration exercises will help to support you to develop a tangible awareness of your way of being, and so to discover your places of ease and your places of challenge.
From a place of mindful awareness, you may experience some level of self-healing and gain an understanding of yourself and how the body self-organises, self-balances and self-heals.  You may witness how your healing and that of others can be supported by a biodynamic way of being through a resonant field of presence in relationship.   These skills form the foundation of Biodynamic and Resonant Craniosacral Therapy.

Professional Practitioner Training
The Diploma-level training is made up of thirteen 3-day seminars plus nine days of Student Clinic over two years. Training includes home study, practice clients, tutorials, tutor assessment and self-assessment.

We also offer Post Graduate courses including a Post Graduate program leading to an Advanced Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

“I have been practising Acupuncture and Massage for almost 20 years. Having trained in both the USA and Australia, I have experienced many different workshops and programs over many years.  I have also presented trainings in most states in Australia, and lectured in Acupuncture and Massage faculties in our colleges.
 I say clearly, simply and without embellishment: This course is the best I have seen — by a significant margin.  The commitment, care and concentration of the facilitators is clearly evident at every stage of the journey.  It is the only course I have done that has profoundly changed my foundational beliefs and clinical practices absolutely.  If you are attracted to Cranio Sacral therapy as a transformational tool (and not just as another means of fixing backs and necks) do this training.”        G.R. (Queensland)
“Presence is more than just being there …….”      Malcolm Forbes



  • Full Fee $450
  • Deposit: $100   
  • Early Bird Fee and PACT Fee $400