Stillness Trainings offers you unique training, whether it is through Introductory or Open workshops, Practitioner or Postgraduate training, or Womb Surround workshops.

The foundation course ~ "Presence & Being" ~ offers you skills in support of many aspects of your health as well as healthy relationship skills, which underpin all aspects of life.

Knowledge is essential, and we ensure our courses meet that need from the latest research and development, then deepening into Stillness, Being, Presence and the embodiment of those sweet skills that are key to healing every aspect of our existence, for example, we train students in the use of dialogue skills to support the resolution of trauma.

You will learn all of the traditional and relevant aspects of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) however, more than that; we offer you something that many now perceive as "the new way forward" in therapy, health and life. This 'something' is a unique aspect, which we describe as 'AND' - Absolutely No Doing - where we trust the "Breath of Life", trust the Intelligence of the system, trust the process and "Trust The Tide". Our practice is wholly respectful of the wisdom of the body and therefore is without suggestion, amplification of subtle motions, intention or application of techniques desired by the practitioner to "help".

AND is a therapeutic approach to all aspects of life that comes from the heart. It is about learning to let go of trying or making it happen, becoming so clear of who you are that what potently develops is an ability to "Be" in humility, stillness, respect, presence, non-judgment and love.

Any aspect of past or present experience can turn up in a BCST session whether you are in relationship with an adult; with a sick child or family dynamics; or cellular memory around aspects of pre-conception or a developing embryo, the AND approach will naturally open up an abundance of potential for healing at every level of being.

This way of Be-ing grows from within as the many layers of learning and discovery bring you to a place of embodied presence and heart-centred present moment awareness, which can become a way that you may choose to be in life, an approach that invites health.

Stillness Trainings invites you to participate in a training that opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the healing arts and one that so many students, practitioners and clients alike, eagerly embrace.

We look forward to your application and to supporting you on this exciting journey.