About the introductory workshop (now two days)

"I would like to thank you both very much for guiding me on an extraordinary journey in one day on your introductory course to cranio-sacral healing.
I enrolled on the course with a view to learning something that might benefit my family. Less than a week since the course, I have found the impact on myself, both physically and emotionally has been unexpectedly profound. I look forward to sharing the benefits with my family too.
I thank you both very sincerely for your exceptional commitment to sharing your knowledge, skills and experience with others. It is very clear that you do this through a very strong personal belief in the good that can be done through disseminating your work. Many thanks and kind regards."

A. C. (Sydney 2008)

"I came to craniosacral therapy, hoping it would help me with my anxieties, especially my fear of flying. The many subtle shifts I have consequently experienced since have been amazing for me. I adore the intuitive nature of this therapy.

The course has provided me with much better grounding and understanding of craniosacral therapy. I look forward to continue to experience this therapy with my newfound knowledge and understanding. I also look forward to complete the full training one day for my own personal development. Thank you for a great experience and for newfound skills."

M. S.  (Sydney 2009)

"An excellent introduction. I now have a real sense of mind/body flows and connections. An excellent course for anyone who wants to relate better to others. Thank you!"

E. Y.  (ACT 2009)

"It was fascinating to realise just how much you could feel of someone's presence as a client, truly amazing! Loved learning about the cranial bones and their movements and also about the Tides.
It was a fascinating course with amazing content and learnings that you can apply to all aspects of your life. Truly wonderful and inspiring."

L-L. A. (Sydney 2009)

"Truly a blessing to meet and be supported by so many beautiful people! Thank you for facilitating the space in which I felt honoured for just being me; for guiding me gently into a deeper understanding of CST, myself and 'Being, in Relationship'. Already I feel the space to relate with myself and others transform and widen/expand.
For me CST resonates like nothing has before."

D. K.  Yoga practitioner (ACT 2009)

"I could not have imagined how much more I would understand the basic essence of what this work is about and its potential for healing. If nothing else it will make me a better client for how much more open my system will be for it."

A. H.   Rolfing practitioner and dance teacher (NSW 2010)

"Having been away from the Craniosacral world for over five years it was with mixed emotions that I returned to sit in on an introduction with my friend and one of my original teachers, Terry.
Within a very short time I was at home again surrounded by people that care and want the best for themselves and those around them. Terry's skill and caring is second to none. I feel privileged to call her my friend and to continually learn from her this beautiful gift. Thank you my friend."

L. S. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Kinesiologist and TCM Practitioner (Sydney 2010)

"I rushed away and handed in my feedback and realised there is more I would like to say to you both.
Thank you so much for adding to my life and learning. Your workshop and the work you do resonated deeply with me and the quick feedback I gave did not do it justice

I feel that I have discovered a way of life and work that fits me like a glove. The work has given me a new way to communicate and relate with people in my life just through being present and requesting the opportunity to touch with permission. All the physiological information and truth was inspiring and touched me deeply. I am still processing all that you gave us over the two days and look forward to approaching the reading list with an appetite of knowing more.

There are so many levels of my life that require adjustment to fully implement the learning you have provided and while I work on all of those my goal is to aim to be a part of the next course that you offer for the full certification in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.

Thank you both for being such great teachers that offered this opportunity to discover and experience the benefits and empowerment of the therapy. Blessings to you both and I look forward to working with you for my learning in the future."

M. M. (November 2013)

About the two-year Professional Practitioner Training:

"An astonishing journey creating a fundamental and permanent change. The subtlety and power of this work is profound. Terry, Brendan and their team have created a professional and challenging course content. The opportunity to be challenged and grow was enabled by the safe space created around the learning.

The course offered me a thorough theoretical and practical understanding of the work, delivered in a way which created my own journey of self growth. The excellent student clinics conducted each seminar allowed this new learning to be experienced and grounded.

Throughout the course Terry and Brendan were open and accessible, providing excellent mentoring and feedback.

Biodynamic Craniosacral is a journey of transformation. Stillness Trainings developed my ability to be completely present and offer safe, reflective, and neutral listening to achieve this. It was a privilege to be part of this training and experience the transformative resonance created."

G. D.  Physiotherapist (2008 Adelaide)

"Stillness Trainings encapsulates the essence of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. The training is delivered in a way that allows the depth of the work to be appreciated fully. The impact was noticeable in all participants. A profoundly elegant resonance developed amongst our group, which facilitated transformation personally and professionally. I am reminded of the saying "Be the change you want to see in the world"."

Swami D. S. Yoga Teacher and Musician (NSW 2008)

"I have been practicing Acupuncture and Massage for almost 20 years. Having trained in both the USA and Australia, I have experienced many different workshops and programs over many years.

I have also presented trainings in most states in Australia, and lectured in Acupuncture and Massage faculties in our colleges. I say clearly, simply and without embellishment:
This course is the best I have seen - by a significant margin. The commitment, care and concentration of the facilitators is clearly evident at every stage of the journey. It is the only course I have done that has profoundly changed my foundational beliefs and clinical practices absolutely.

If you are attracted to Cranio Sacral therapy as a transformational tool (and not just as another means of fixing backs and necks) do this training."

G. R.  Acupuncturist (Queensland 2008)

About the womb Surround Birth Process Workshop

With the presence and support of Brendan and others in the group I was able to continue my personal healing journey on a number of different levels. I released long held anger in my legs, back and neck that caused contraction and stiffness. My legs have felt stronger and my body lighter and more flexible since the workshop four months ago.

In addition, the opportunity to really be present with others when they told their stories and to support them in whatever way was needed was an honour and a pleasure enabling me to further understand the complexity of our life experiences and to remind me to keep my heart open not only when I am with like - minded friends in workshops but in everyday experiences.

M. C.  Somatic Psychotherapist and Massage Therapist (Canberra 2008)